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Students need an intentional path designed to meet their unique development. 
By creating schools within institutions we can break the cycle of dependency.
facilitated by transitional empowerment
Effective school reform
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Destination Learning
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Social & Emotional development are at the core of transitional empowerment.
Our system promotes metacognitive mastery for highly mobile and previously
unsuccessful students.
the policy

Cycle of Dependency

Professional Development adapted to help articulate the antecedents of disengaged communities & students.

Metacognitive Habits

Solutions of building transferable learning habits transcending typical educational practices.

Development Simulators

Create an intentional pathway using the best resources to help our students break the cycle of dependency.

Meaningful Monitoring

Tacit contracts contribute to learning behaviors shaping destination preferences of students.

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We believe transitional empowerment is a systematic shift from restorative to redemptive cultures, implemented by creating schools within institutions designed to break cycles of dependency.

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Who we are

About us in short

We aim to reverse the drop out and recidivism rate by creating an alternative educational pipeline in communities controlled by cycles of dependency.


We are a group of educators from academic, corporate, and financial backgrounds seeking to create holistic change in various organizations. Our goal is to train people to use inquiry style analyses in everyday practices, understand the results, and formulate a plan to produce desired outcomes in America’s most desperate academic areas.


Right now close to 50% of black and brown males aged 17-24 in cities like Chicago are not in school nor are they employed. We are motivated by the challenge of rethinking schools to curb this problem which we know will save lives and communities. We must continue to innovate for the future of America. #breakthecycle #reversedropoutrecidivism

Destination Learning

The origin of the theory started with a film Daniel Rudin and Flavian Prince completed with the latter’s 8th grade class of Harvard Elementary in Chicago. Interrupt the Pipeline helped the teacher begin to conceptualize the tacit contracts between educators, communities, and the students they serve.

Destination Preference

A way to categorize and move students across mindsets of learning that may impact how they approach a given task. We use our Destination Preference Grid to correlate higher order thinking assignments to a process of freeing students from contracts associated with limiting teacher-student belief systems.

Inquiry Bridge Impact

We believe in creating true alternative learning methods for the body, mind, and soul of children from broken communities. We believe that if we want to turn lives into ones that matter, we have to change the destination of the failing student through institutions desiring to create intentional pathways for success.

Interested in our school reform programs?

There is a desperate need to create fluid systems to curb the growing trend of students dropping out of middle and high school. At Inquiry Bridge we provide:

  • Transitional Education Programs
  • Academic & Behavioral Interventions for dropout prevention
  • Whole school reform for Alternative & Second Chance Programs

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