Inquiry Bridge Reform

We aim to reverse the drop out and recidivism rate by creating an alternative educational pipeline in communities controlled by cycles
of dependency. All of our staff are IB trained and are committed to seeing reform through to the end.


Inquiry Bridge School Reform Pillars

Learning vital skills to become independent learners must transpire in real world applications. The path to get there must be clearly articulated, defined, and resourced.

We can create learning environments that accomplish this for our most marginalized youth. And we can do it together.

The Alliance

We partner with individual teachers, schools, districts, and community organizations that desire change. We are not interested in combining short cuts with our products and services. We believe that our students deserve customized designed systems and programs to combat the complex nature of their circumstances.

We work alongside decision makers, innovators, and the target population to come up with solutions using our platforms and theories. Please contact us if you are interested in developing a different pipeline for your students in need.

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