META24 w/o Lab Construction


Trends (Fashion Design & Production)

Multimedia (Music & Video Production)

Enterprise (Business & Entrepreneurship)

Cultivation (Aquaponics & Urban Gardening)

Manufacturing (Industrial Design & Production)

*3 year commitment recommended

Clear selection

• PD Module 1 – Cycle of Dependency: Explore the underlying barriers creating barriers to academic success by participating in
the design and production of a video depicting one of the critical issues in the community.

• PD Module 2 – Powerful Learning Habits: View and engage in demonstrations of how Public and Private postings bring success
to students in Math, Reading and Writing.

• PD Module 3 – Entrepreneurial Skills: How to build business incubators by combining core skills with STEM subjects leading to
entrepreneurship and the actual creation of micro businesses.

• PD Module 4 – Monitoring with Timely Feedback: Train educational assistants and mentors in how to monitor and provide
appropriate and timely feedback to students engaged in entrepreneurial skills development.

• PD Module 5 – Continuous Progress Goal Setting: In-depth Professional Development for teaching both core embedded skill
building and academic growth.

META24 Facilitators provide ongoing support to change the habits of learning and the tools of engagement for every student. META24 Facilitators help the learning community by developing the mindset to alter destinations through producing entrepreneurs.

– 100 Curriculum Licenses (licenses include META24 and core courses on LMS; licenses interchangeable among students up to 100)
– Ongoing Monitoring and Training (regular site visits by META24 personnel)
– Includes $25,000 of equipment/supplies purchases per year.
– Initial Equipment Included (repair and replacement cost additional)
– Initial Supplies Included (replenishment additional)


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