META24 & Curriculum Modules


Trends (Fashion Design & Production)

Multimedia (Music & Video Production)

Enterprise (Business & Entrepreneurship)

Cultivation (Aquaponics & Urban Gardening)

Manufacturing (Industrial Design & Production)

*** Yearly cost includes 100 curriculum licenses and PD Modules

• 100 Curriculum Licenses (licenses include META24 and core courses on LMS; licenses interchangeable among students up to 100)

• PD Module 1 – Cycle of Dependency: Explore the underlying barriers creating barriers to academic success by participating in
the design and production of a video depicting one of the critical issues in the community.

• PD Module 2 – Powerful Learning Habits: View and engage in demonstrations of how Public and Private postings bring success
to students in Math, Reading and Writing.

• PD Module 3 – Entrepreneurial Skills: How to build business incubators by combining core skills with STEM subjects leading to
entrepreneurship and the actual creation of micro businesses.

• PD Module 4 – Monitoring with Timely Feedback: Train educational assistants and mentors in how to monitor and provide
appropriate and timely feedback to students engaged in entrepreneurial skills development.

• PD Module 5 – Continuous Progress Goal Setting: In-depth Professional Development for teaching both core embedded skill
building and academic growth.

Yearly Cost

Yearly Cost


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