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If you are an individual who wants to learn to start your own business and earn high school credits or a diploma you can sign up. Check your area for schools, churches, or communities that may be running Workforce High or MET A24 before purchasing.

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100s of courses in a systemized learning management system connected to workforce, college readiness, and a high school IL diploma.

  • Aligned to common core, ACT Work Keys, and ACT College Readiness.
  • Middle School to High School Courses
  • 150 Page aligned cross walk
  • Each course has formative and summative online and written assessments.
  • Every course has a project based lesson.
  • META24 is a unique Work Based Curriculum.
  • Each META24 has national reading, writing, math, NGSS, and ACT Work Key Skills embedded in every course.
  • It is a competency-based course schedule.
  • It is a metacognitive system with heavy progress monitoring and feedback loop.
  • Capable of running a full high school curriculum with intake system, credit audit, credit tracker, and IL high school diploma for any age after 14.

Each unit and has multiple levels of progress monitoring reports:

  1. 9 Formative Lessons – Higher Order Thinking Process Tasks
  2. 9 Formative Assessments – Online
  3. 1 Summative Exam
  4. 1 Progress Monitor Chart
  5. 4 Color Coordinated HOT Walls
  6. 5 Electronic PM Reports
  7. Skill Based Report Card
  8. Formative Assessment Tracker
  9. Student Skill Chart
  10. Summative Assessment Chart
EACH COURSE IS $6,250 and comes with 3 initial training sessions and access to unlimited digital training videos.
·       Entrepreneurship and Marketing
·       Cultivation
·       Jewelry
·       Trends and Fashion
·       2D and Graphic Design
·       Sports Academy and Training
·       Reading/English – High School
·       Reading/English – Middle School
·       Reading Strategies –
·       Writing – High School
·       Writing – Middle School
·       Middle School Math
·       Algebra
·       Geometry
·       Algebra II
·       Industrial
·       Coding and Robotics
·       Multi Media
·       Sound Production
·       Personal Care
·       Workforce Soft Skill Training
·       Financial Literacy
·       Service Industry
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