Metacognitive Habits

Highlight Destination Preferences

Inquiry Bridge has worked as a reform company for school districts across the Midwest. Through the process of reform we were challenged to continually make changes through what students and teacher behavior taught us, especially around systems of learning. While there were peaks and valleys in reforming districts, the process helped us develop a clearer idea as to what students need from us: a new approach to mastering skills and connecting them to something relevant.

Many students simply need good leaders who will train teachers to provide ample feedback in order to give them a chance at post secondary options. But for others, a gradual release system of metacognition is key to helping students become independent learners. Our goal therefore is to decipher the code to help build the right habits to help unlock student learning, thus cultivating a confidence and trust that has students believing that their school is relevant.


If you know that you have a population that is not buying into the typical school day that you offer, computer based learning is not the solution. Let’s find solutions of building transferable learning habits transcending typical educational practices.

Participants will walk through our methods of private and public posting as well as other practices presented at the conferences from other presenters.


Participants will have created or borrowed or tailored a keystone habit approach to their own methods of learning. This will include schematics of class structure and methodology on how to implement these habits and forms to measure their success.


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