Meaningful Monitoring & Intentional Feedback

Systems Create Contracts of Destinies

This course is a more in depth look at the process of creating habits and how to monitor them properly as a collaborative effort. This course has a prerequisite of either completing the previous courses or participating in a survey and contract to agree that all involved are seeking to find the best solutions for our most needy children.


The objective of this course is to change the culture of learning from the adult perspective and general agendas to the real complexities of why certain children are not learning. In analyzing our own learning loops, we need to decide if our actions are leading to the monitoring and feedback that these children need to trust and believe in our proposed shared vision, or are we not building the key relational elements to give success a chance.

Furthermore, we explore the tacit contracts that exist between educators, communities, and students in regards to expectations and therefore post-secondary destinations.


Districts, schools, community members, or independent teachers participating in this process will construct their own contracts based off of a manageable feedback loop that seeks to change the habit and destination of our most challenging demographics.


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