Building Community Development Simulators

Alters Destination Preferences

Along with building new habits in order to change the destination of our students, we have to provide the tools of engagement that will help our students build the skills to be successful upon leaving our establishment. This is about intentionality. We do not believe that there can be a general curriculum that students must adhere to and be assessed accordingly. We must hear them and create a curriculum with a designed pathway to meet the needs of their lives and their community.

The majority of our students are not meeting with post-secondary success due to financial strain, lack of preparedness, exposure, cultural differences, or a rational belief system that the end result may not be beneficial.


To create an intentional pathway using the best resources to help our students break the cycle of dependency.

Participants will be working with either their own students or some of our own to help create the school within a school concept.


Participants will come away with a newly designed system to incorporate real world experiences, skill building, core integration, and connect them to a curriculum to break the cycle of dependency.

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