Unpacking The Cycle of Dependency

Understanding Destination Preferences

The basic tenants of this Professional Development are geared towards helping the entire learning community articulate the antecedents of disengaged communities, families, and students.

We use the teacher and student made film Interrupt the Pipeline to help describe the circumstances of students leading to potential dropped out, opt out, or kicked out scenarios.


We want to shift the discourse of blame away from the products of the cycle of dependency to engaging how to break it for students. It is the beginning of reconceptualizing a different school and thus a new destination for our students.

Participants will uncover policies connected to the roots of the social emotional issues connected to the cycle of dependency. From generational poverty to connecting it to your own students, we will begin discussing how we tie in the issues specifically around breaking the cycle of dependency to core curriculum issues.


How do we know you know it? You will have made or started a film that you can show at the end of the summer at our own META Film Fest and/or at your own district to ignite the conversation to help every and any student succeed. Click here to see an example of teacher made documentaries.


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