Who We Are…

We are a group of educators from academic, corporate, and financial backgrounds seeking to create holistic change in various organizations. Our goal is to train people to use inquiry style analyses in everyday practices, understand the results, and formulate a plan to produce desired outcomes.

The Challenge…

Social, Personal, and Institutional shifts require self determination that needs an intentional path created by an open mind, resources, and accountability. Meaningful monitoring and Intentional Feedback are key elements in what we do to help bring about change.


Our Solution

Our success rests on the notion that not only can every student learn, but that every student, regardless of circumstances, will grow provided the right systems, relationships, and communication.

We Create Second Chance Opportunities as a first line of defense in America’s most desperate academic areas where alternative is becoming the norm. There is a desperate need to create fluid systems to curb the growing trend of students dropping out of middle and high school.

INQUIRY BRIDGE is an innovative approach to transforming the instructional delivery and culture of student learning within any given climate. The design of the curriculum is a metacognitive constructivist approach focusing on skill-based inquiry. It combines backwards design with institutional differentiation from a multi-faceted core scheduling approach to a daily higher order thinking schedule in the classroom.

Every skill-based unit is mapped out prior to the school year, and placed within eight learning units per level. Each level has both the remediation and the acceleration variables built into the scheduling for the diversity of cognitive levels upon enrollment.

The basis for the program is a skill-based system built around Success Boards and META24 Labs. These items are designed for the students to know exactly what they need to accomplish and to map their mastery as they proceed. All stakeholders are connected with the holistic approach to education as well as the impact of both the Success Boards and META24 Labs. The Success Boards are designed to house both the common core skills for the students as well as the META24 Labs and community involvement.

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